yyBefore You Invest in a Career Coach, Ask, “What’s the ROI?”

One of the first questions to consider when you work with a coach is, “What’s the Return On Investment (ROI)?”

Not only should the answer add to your net worth, accelerate your job search and productivity, but it should also help you convince your boss or HR to cover the cost of coaching.

The return on coaching for most organizations is at least a 5% increase in productivity and job satisfaction. And some companies report their ROI is as high as 217%.

Studies also show leaders with a coach outpace their colleagues in income earnings.

But money isn’t everything. My surveys and many others show that not only do leaders with coaches earn more, but they rate their personal happiness higher than their peers.

Top 3 Ways My Clients See a Return on Their Investment

1. One Good Idea. One Connection. Sometimes all it takes is one good move to boost your career.

2. A Deeper Sense of Meaning and Purpose.  After all, life is about more than a job title. 

3. World class Mentoring. No one should have to go it alone. With me in your corner, you have a safe place to process what’s going on with difficult people or situations. And studies show, people with a mentor are 5 x more likely to be promoted!

Studies on the ROI of Coaching 

Most coaching programs produced returns ranging from 10% to 49%. Two in 10 recouped more than 50 times the cost. The mean return is seven times the initial investment.

Source: Forbes, “Executive Coaching – Another Set of Clothes for the Emperor?

The Ripple Effect

Workers who are aware of their strengths routinely increase their sales by 19% and generate up to 29% more profits.

Source: Gallup, “Give Up Bossing, Take Up Coaching: You’ll Like the Results


Never had a coach before? Find out what it’s like in this video here.

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