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Have you ever felt ready for a promotion but were passed over? Overqualified for a job but were rejected? Wanted to change jobs faster with less hassle? 

You’re not alone. I’ve been there and so have hundreds of my clients. Want to know how we got unstuck? Message me to discover how to have your career, your way.

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 With me as your success ally, you can gain confidence, lead more effectively, and find more meaningful work faster. Together, we’ll coach on the fastest, proven systems for making a mid-career job change and the latest leadership development.

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Get More Than You Expect

Dana helped me get interviews from 90% of the resumes I submitted. And when the offers came in, her coaching was essential in guiding me through the process and negotiating with confidence.She is genuinely committed to seeing that my credentials and contributions get the recognition they deserve. And she is right, if you ask, you do get more than you expect!


Director Global Medical Affairs

Big Life Changes

Dana delivers exceptional mentoring and training which is easily integrated into your everyday life. I have experienced big life changes in a short period of time working with Dana. I highly recommend her!



VP Marketing

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