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Make Your Next Career Move a Brilliant One

Forget Cookie-Cutter, Group Coaching & Free Webinars, You Deserve Individualized, 1-on-1 Coaching for Something as Personal as Your Career

No matter how successful you’ve been, going through a career change can create uncertainty.


Moral injuries at work are rampant–from layoffs, to getting passed over for promotions, to working for an incompetent boss.

And the changes in technology, hiring practices, and politics can make your head spin.

Free and conflicting advice is everywhere. It can be a challenge to know what’s right to do next.

If you’re ready to leave worry and self-doubt behind and move forward in your career with certainty and recognition with the support of a caring career mentor, you’re in the right place.

Studies show you are 5 x more likely to be promoted if you have a mentor.

And 89% of my clients reported they received more money than they expected in job offers they landed using my proven strategies.


The Career Success Package includes 3 sessions every 30 days with me, Dana Mayer in a caring, confidential phone or video call.

You never get handed off to a junior associate or plunked into a group call. 

Using neuroscience and the latest, proven job-landing systems, you will move ahead in record time. PLUS you get powerful digital training, access to my live masterclasses, and email support at no extra charge. 

Together, we will develop:

  • A plan for you to build a career with more life-work integration. For you, that might mean time freedom to be with your family or to pursue your passions or travel. Or discovering work with more meaning, satisfaction and passion. It might mean sustainable financial freedom so you’re not controlled by money– living paycheck to paycheck. It might mean the freedom to be yourself, with confidence and relaxation.

No matter what balance and freedom mean to you, with our help, you will no longer controlled by worry, anxiety, and doubt, you can stop second-guessing yourself and start living with more grace, well-being, and recognition.

  • Exactly What Support and Steps Are Right for You for a Gentle and Meaningful Career Transition.

We have proven systems to help you get clear about your purpose, passion, or direction. Using these tested methods, you can determine exactly what to do next — be it leaving your current job; starting or growing your business; getting promoted faster; dealing with difficult team members; restoring your confidence; or landing a new role.

Results you can enjoy:

  • Elevating your natural leadership and work performance by setting better goals that let you reach faster with less struggle.
  • An authentic and job-attracting LinkedIn profile and opportunity attracting hiring materials.
  • Clear next steps for discovering $6 and $7-figure job offers, faster. From interview preparation to negotiating offers, NDAs, contracts, and resignations and terminations, the goal is to land a job offer that is better than you expected.
  • Strategies to get you to multiple $6 and $7-figures with your business income, side gig, or career move.


What’s Included in the Career Success Package?

Don’t let the $11,800 value put you off. You can save almost all of that with this package!

In your Career Success Coaching Program, I will take you through, at your own pace, step-by-step systems that address the two most crucial elements in achieving results – the Training and Ontological components.

Most career services create hiring materials that reflect your personality and increase your chances of getting through ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) with key phrases.

And this Career Success Package is no different, although we like to think we offer the best, pro-level resume writing, interview preparation, and negotiating skills.

But we also offer something more that you won’t find with other career coaching services.

You’ll get the ontological component for career success. What does that mean? Well, we don’t just write a resume and send you on your way. During your sessions, we will identify and remove your sabotaging and limiting factors, both in the environment (e.g., market changes, competition) and in your mindset–conscious or subconscious.

This is so you can understand and remove barriers to your success and make a smooth career transition.

Look at what’s included…

  • 3 Sessions with Master Coach, Dana Mayer. Phone or video call—45 minutes each ($2,250 value)
  • Professional, proprietary evaluation AND training for your personal branding, your job search hiring materials, website, presentations, and social assets. ($1,900 value)
  • LinkedIn Training to attract hiring managers and clients, and to build your authentic and attractive brand ($500 value)
  • Key phrase alignment and customized resumes which get your resume through ATS (Applicant Tracking Software)
  • Email support for questions, good news, resume, cover letter, and presentation editing and proofreading (approx. $2,900 value)
  • Psychometrics and media evaluations. Validation of the most popular personality assessment tools used by 78% of hiring managers. Plus, photo testing to determine image choices with the highest appeal for your online profiles. ($1,400 value)
  • Instant access to digital downloads. Powerful online video training, beautifully designed checklists, templates, and workbooks and much, much more. ($900 value)

The package renews automatically every 30 days. Cancel any time with 30-day notice.

Payment is required in full, in advance, and is non-refundable.

Get Started!

Voted #1 Coach in Florida 2 Years in a Row

Dana was a great asset to my professional life. She always challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone (which is exactly what I needed). She is a great listener and very thoughtful and thorough in her responses. I highly recommend her!

Tripp W.

Strategist to CEO

I wouldn’t care what Dana’s group was about or what content was covered. I would sign up for one reason and one reason only: to get to talk with Dana. Period. Everything else is a bonus. Dana is not about transactional coaching or one-off career counseling—she cares beyond the 30-minute session she spends with you.

Marlene M.

Psychologist, Author – Facing Fear

Dana Mayer’s Certifications

Business and Money Coach, Kendall Summerhawk

Professional Association of Career Coaches


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