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Summer Journaling Prompts

I just returned from soaking up the cool, green majestic quiet of the western Carolina mountains.

While I was there, I used journaling to connect with where I am now — mid-year — and to re-align my actions with my vision for the year.

This is a deeply important process because busyness can lead you off-course from where you want to be by the end of the year.

Would you appreciate me sharing some of my favorite journaling questions and how I use them?

This is the same process I’ve used every year in creating my coaching business from scratch…to now being 7+ figures. More importantly, it’s one that my top clients use to actualize their goals and dreams.

First, I take out a special journal.

Then I sit quietly, pausing to connect to my best self, my wise self.

Next, I begin stream of consciousness writing the answers to these questions:

  • What is my vision for the end of the year? (This is an opportunity to write about what I am creating and who I am doing it with.)
  • What do I want that I do not have now? (I describe specific, tangible results to answer this question.)
  • What am I committed to? (Commitment is my bridge between intention and action.)
  • What information do I need? What do I need to know? (This directs where to put my time and energy.)
  • What daily action would I take if I were unstoppable?

Throughout your journaling you can deepen the process and get even more clarity by asking, “What else?” to each question. Or “What about this matters?”

What makes journaling like this a powerful catalyst for growing your leadership is not judging what comes up.

Simply let your answers flow through you, onto the page.

I promise at the end of this process you will have what you crave the most right now: clarity about exactly what to do to become a premier leader in your field, with a lucrative income!

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