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Coaching FAQs

Do I need a coach or a recruiter? What’s the ROI on coaching? If you’re looking for answers to your questions about coaching, you’ll find them here.

Find Your Passion!

HALF all the people who work would do something else if given the chance. And 92% of CEOs want to make a change to more meaningful work. Living from your passion and purpose is the fastest way to create a satifying life and career. Take our quick quiz to see if you’re living a life based on your passions.

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Stand out from the crowd in your executive job search by describing victories not history. Stop talking about responsibilities and tasks. That’s a job description. Start talking about results, you WORK WINS. Learn seven ways to make your executive resume and CV go from blah to outstanding. 

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Top 5 Mistakes Senior Managers Make: Why No One Reads Your Resume

From blog posts to resumes, most senior professionals make five fatal mistakes in their writing. Find out what they are now.

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Do Your Hiring Materials Make You Look "Too Old?"

Learn the top 10 phrases to DUMP and what to say instead. Overused phrases that have lost their meaning are the fastest way to make yourself look outdated and out-of-touch. 

Magnify Your Natural Advantages

A Fast Easy Way to Develop Unshakable Confidence. 74% of people say their confidence has been shaken by recent events. This quick exercise is an instant boost. Use it to quiet the worrying and negativity that comes with career pivots.

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5 Little Known Secrets About Mentoring

A good mentor is hard to find.  But the benefits make it worth the effort. Women with mentors are 5x more likely to be promoted and business owners earn 2x more than those who go it alone.

This is Why When It Comes to Landing Your Dream Job, Mother Knows Best

Remember the times when your mother corrected you about your manners, or told you to follow your heart, or reminded you to wait your turn to speak? It turns out her hard work will benefit you well-beyond childhood. When it comes to up-leveling and nailing an interview, your mother truly knew best.

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How much does a mastermind group cost? How do I find one that’s right for me? Should I join a guru mastermind group or a peer mastermind group?

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Successful Executives Ask These Critical Questions in Interviews

Do you wonder what to say when a recruiter calls to headhunt you for a job? Would you like to know what questions other successful executives ask when they’re being interviewed? You can land your dream job by asking the right questions or end up in a nightmare job because you asked the wrong ones.

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3 Powerful Strategies for Keeping Your Job Search on Track

A job search can be an emotional roller coaster for discouraged workers. Just one email can flatten you—plunging from feeling full of hope to feeling flattened. New job leads bring excitement but the silence from potential employers often brings feelings of disappointment. Avoid the top job search fails using my three winning strategies.

What is Executive Career Coaching?

Can a career coach help you land a better 6 or 7-figure job faster? What’s the difference between coaching, counseling, and consulting, and why does it matter? Do most successful leaders have a coach?

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Free Quiz: How Stuck Are You?

Negative environmental factors like being underpaid or undervalued, a difficult boss, or micro-aggression can control–even destroy–your career. Discover how the environment may keeping you stuck in a rut.

Reduce the Stress of Your Job Change ~ Free Assessment

Let’s face it, changing jobs, even for a better one, is stressful. Have you recently left a job to start your own business? Gotten promoted? Have you been laid off or are you in a job search? Here’s how to assess the best ways to take care of yourself when you may need it most.

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Does Career Coaching Really Work?

Learn why hiring a coach can help you get direction and change your life. The numbers don’t lie.

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LinkedIn Job Search Resources

LinkedIn Learning partnered with parent company Microsoft to provide free job search resources. Make the most of your LinkedIn profile with this free video training.

FAQs for Executive Career Coaching

Coaching for Executive Job Search and Executive Leadership Development

Many studies show leaders who have coaches earn more money and have a higher level of satisfaction with their careers.

Specifically, coaching and consulting with Dana Mayer, there are three ways you can get an ROI.

1. One Client. One Product. If you level-up your mastery of branding, pricing and packaging, and your money mindset, you can earn significantly more money. Coaching gives you ideas and advice that can create leaps forward in your career. You’ll also upgrade your skills in negotiating promotions, raises, and job offers to get financial conversations going your way.

All it takes is one raise, one promotion, one good idea, or one client to more than cover the cost of enrollment.

2. Cool Unpredictable Things. Call it synchronicity, call it leveling up, connecting with your Higher Power or God acting in your life, but once you have the courage to step up your game, amazing shifts start to happen. You get invited to speak. You get a request for an interview. You get asked to serve on a high-profile board. You attract higher performing team members so you can step back at work and focus on what matters to you, instead of the daily grind.

When Dana finishes a private, VIP Immersion Program she asks clients to add up the value of what they received over the course of three months. They usually put the value of her mentoring, training, and coaching at four to five times what they paid for it. But the amount they say most often is what is impressive.

They say the program is “priceless.”

When it comes to evaluating the new confidence, connections, skills, and ideas, participants find the results beneficial in ways they could not have imagined and cannot put a price tag on.

3. We have your back. No one should have to go it alone. You not only get Dana’s mentoring, training, and coaching, you can get her team of resume writers and experts to give you the business support you can count on to be leading edge and not the same old same old.

Entry-level professionals earning salaries of less than $50,000 can get excellent coaching from large companies like for as little as $50.

Large career coaching companies with IT departments and a coaching staff, like Korn Ferry or Heidrick, hire contract coaches. Others, like the Entrepreneur’s Source or Success Coaching, are franchises.

Both types of companies have a preset system. Coaches follow a script and coaching is not individualized. Nor does it need to be if you’re looking for basic services similar to what your college career counselor would provide.

Executive career coaching for experienced professionals earning six and seven figures ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 a month with programs running up to a year. Celebrity coaches often appear as the face of the company like Brendan Burchard and Tony Robbins. Clients are actually assigned to a “team member” and rarely, if ever, interact one-on-one with the celebrity in-person.

The range in costs of executive coaching depends on various factors including:

  • Whether the coach charges by the hour ($100 to $2,500)
  • How well rated the coach is in verified, online reviews
  • How many certifications the coach has
  • If the program is customized
  • What their client list looks like
  • How much they are in demand

Some executive coaching includes a Mastermind group, access to professional resume writers, and training in executive branding or leadership.

At Mayer Coaching & Consulting, Dana Mayer works directly with clients and customizes each program for the client’s individual needs. She has worked with CXOs in nearly every Fortune 100 company in the U.S.

With six certifications, an IPO, and real-world business experience as an executive, Dana usually has a waiting list for new clients. Fees range from $334 to $10,000 a month, depending on whether you choose a group, individual, or online program. Her VIP, concierge programs are by invitation only.

She does not charge by the hour. She does not sell time. She sells results.

Book a free consultation with Dana to talk about your individual situation.

It depends on how well-prepared you are for your executive job search and if you want guidance about your career.

The short answer is:

A career coach helps you manage your career, including building relationships with multiple industry-specific executive recruiters.

A recruiter submits your resume for one specific position. No career development.

There are also companies who will automate your job search and submit your materials for online job postings.

A deeper evaluation of your needs would include questions like these:

  • Do you need to improve your skills in explaining your work history?
  • Do you want to discuss your career and determine how to retell your story in order to change industries or overcome a difficulty?
  • Do want to develop your personal brand?

If your answer to any of those questions is “yes,” you want a coach who can give you training in branding and sharing your Work Wins.

Telling your story in a memorable way is what lands promotions and job offers.

A career coach can train you how to brand yourself to be the top candidate.

Do you want someone to present your resume and cover letter, the way it is now, for job openings?

Then you want a recruiter.

A recruiter will present your hiring materials, as is, to their current clients who have job openings. They only get to know the parts of you on your resume and they do not customize your materials. They may make suggestions to make your resume match their assignment. But they are sales people, not trained writers or consultants.

A career coach discusses your entire career and rewrites your resume to reflect your vision. They will talk about what you want to do in the future. They will help you develop a master resume and customize it and your cover letters for each position you consider. They can also give you tools to evaluate if you should start your own business or change careers.

Managing your career involves optimizing your LinkedIn profile, preparing you for interviews, training you how to build relationships and how to approach your contacts. It may also include training for salary negotiations and how to manage multiple contacts from executive head hunters.

Recruiters don’t do any of these things.

While there are some career coaches who also do placement and will present you to hiring managers, generally that dual role is seen as a conflict of interest. From the employer’s position, it is not an objective presentation of a candidate if the coach is being paid by the candidate. Hiring managers prefer to have the recruiter work for them—the company. That way they know they’re getting the best possible match for the position, not just whoever was willing to pay a fee.

A good executive recruiter gets a percentage of the salary or a flat fee ranging from $20,000 to $500,000. Others will work for as little as $2,000 a placement.  As with any discussion of costs, you get what you pay for.

No. Coaching and consulting are different. Coaches are trained to ask questions to help you make better decisions. Coaches should abide by the ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). They generally do not give advice. Consultants do give advice, including providing resources and training. Dana Mayer is both a consultant and a coach. Her 9 years of experience as a management consultant and trainer give her business experience.  Her training also includes certifications in coaching methodologies.

Generally, they are pretty similar in that they all help you improve your success. Career coaching is focused on developing you as a leader with a plan to make leaps ahead in salary and meaningful work. Not just climbing the ladder. The differences will depend on the training background of your coach and what methodologies they are trained in.

Get research about coaching results and how to make the case for coaching in the article Making the case for coaching: Does it work?

Let’s get you the Money and Respect you deserve.

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