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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Coaching

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Increase Your Income, Inclusion, and Influence®

6 Dynamic Training Videos:

  • Improving Your Mindset with Wealth Consciousness
  • Setting and Achieving Better Goals Faster
  • Executive Branding: What is Your Archetype?
  • Executive Branding: Branding for Impact
  • Increasing Your Executive Presence
  • Getting to a Deeper YES! The secret to doubling your income

Boost Your Resilience: Self-Care Plan for Busy Entrepreneurs

Being healthy, energized, and sharp is essential to the success of your business. Self care fuels your efforts, giving you strength and stamina. But taking care of ourselves can be a challenge when we’re self employed. This template lets you create a personal plan with the right steps for building the resilience you need to get you through the ups and downs of working for yourself.

I’ve never had a business coach before. Do I need one?

How much does business coaching cost? Do I need a coach or a consultant? Get the answers to these and more in Business Coaching FAQs

Find Your Passion!

Are you passionate enough about your business? Sustaining your enthusiasm for your business can be the key to lasting through tough times. This quiz will help you assess how to focus on what matters for the long-road.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Many studies show leaders who have coaches earn more money and have a higher level of satisfaction with their careers.

Specifically, coaching and consulting with Dana Mayer there are three ways you can get an ROI.

1. One Client. One Product. If you level-up your mastery of branding, pricing and packaging, and your money mindset, you can earn significantly more in your business. Coaching gives you ideas and advice that can create leaps forward in your business.

All it takes is one raise, one promotion, or one client based on what you’ve learned, or one good idea to more than cover the cost of enrollment.

2. Cool Unpredictable Things. Call it synchronicity, call it leveling up, connecting with your Higher Power or God acting in your life, but once you have the courage to step up your game, amazing shifts start to happen. You get invited to speak. You get a request for an interview. You get asked to serve on a high-profile board. You attract higher performing team members so you can step back at work and focus on what matters to you, instead of the daily grind.

When Dana finishes a private, VIP Immersion Program she asks clients to add up the value of what they received over the course of three months. They usually put the value of her mentoring, training, and coaching at four to five times what they paid for it. But the amount they say most often is what is impressive.

They say the program is “priceless.”

When it comes to evaluating the new confidence, connections, skills, and ideas, participants find the results beneficial in ways they could not have imagined and cannot put a price tag on.

3. We have your back. No one should have to go it alone. You not only get Dana’s mentoring, training, and coaching, you can get her team of resume writers and experts to give you the business support you can count on to be leading edge and not the same old same old.

Coaching and consulting are different. Coaches are trained to ask questions to help you make better decisions. They can help you make choices about when to leave your job and start your dream business. But coaches do not give advice. Coaches should abide by the ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Most coaches have little or no actual business experience. Dana Mayer is both a consultant and a coach. For over a decade, Dana was a management consultant to most of the U.S. Fortune 100. Consultants give advice including providing resources and training.

She was also a senior VP in several organizations including FTI, a private company that went through a successful IPO and is now publicly traded on the NYSE as FCN. Dana’s training also includes numerous certifications in business and financial coaching methodologies.

The differences will depend on the training background of your coach. Generally, they are similar in that each methodology helps you improve your success. Ask the coach to explain the difference to you or do an internet search.

Dana Mayer is trained and certified in leadership and as a money and business coach. She works with you to set your pricing and charge what you’re worth, develop your brand, and land more clients.

Generally, large coaching companies with large coaching staffs, such as The Muse, Creed Branson, or eMyth, hire contract employees to conduct business coaching. Scaling in this way allows them to charge affordable rates.

Others, like the Entrepreneur’s Source and ActionCOACH, are franchises. Both types of companies use a standard, cookie-cutter system they use with clients. Coaches follow a script for your sessions. This will work well for your business if

  • You’re looking for basic services similar to what is provided by your local community college or SCORE and
  • If you don’t intend to make more than about $50,000 with your business.

Coaching for business owners seeking to or currently earning six and seven figures can expect to pay $1,000 to $10,000 a month for high-quality coaching. “Celebrity” coaches often appear as the face of the company like Kendal Summerhawk and Tony Robbins. Clients are actually assigned to a “team member” and rarely, if ever, interact one-on-one with the celebrity. One-on-one sessions are generally $75,000 or more.

The range in costs of business coaching depends on various factors including if the coach charges by the hour ($100 to $5,000); how well-rated the coach is in online reviews; how many certifications the coach has; if the program is customized; what their client list looks like; how famous they may be; and how much they are in demand.

Some business coaching includes a Mastermind group, access to a professional copy writer, and training in executive branding or leadership.

At Mayer Coaching & Consulting, Dana Mayer works directly with clients and customizes each program for the client’s individual needs. With six certifications, IPO, and real-world business experience as an executive, Dana is a proven business leader. She usually has a waiting list for new clients.

Fees range from $334 to $10,000 a month, depending on whether you choose a group, individual, or online program. Her concierge programs to work with her privately are by invitation only. She does not charge by the hour. She sells results, not time.

If you’re looking to earn 6 or 7 figures or currently earn 6 or 7 figures, you’re a good fit for coaching with Dana Mayer. Why not book a free consultation with Dana now? [link to Free Consult]

You can talk about what works best for you and your individual situation. No sales pitch. No hype. No kidding.

Let’s get you the Money and Respect you deserve.

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