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Is Masterminding Right for You?

Navigating professional spaces and workplace conversations as a woman brings its own unique challenges and Dana was able to use her experience and insight to coach me through some of those situations. She is a wonderful mentor and advocate and I am grateful to have been her client.
Ashley B.
Director, NY University

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Some industry specific peer groups meet for free, in an internet forum like or discussion groups on LinkedIn or Redditt. The group may or may not formally be called a “mastermind” group and usually does not meet at specific times. Discussion is informal and by messaging. Other groups are intentionally formed for a fee and have lengthy applications and requirements.

The cost of most business mastermind groups and executive mastermind coaching groups range from $2,500 to $40,000 for one year. On the high end, the group usually meets in-person. Lunch or dinner is included at a high-end facility or private club,  sometimes with annual event at an exclusive resort.

Other factors influencing the price include, who participates and who leads the group. Mastermind groups are generally either peer or guru led. The more experienced, famous, or well-recognized your “guru” coach is and the higher ranking the job titles are of peers—the more it costs. For example, a group for managers generally costs less than a group for CEOs. Likewise, a group run by Tony Robbins will be more expensive than a mastermind group organized by your company VP.

Paid groups have proven to produce better results for participants. It’s a well-known phenomenon that we perceive something we’ve paid for as more valuable than the same thing acquired for free. Mastermind group members who pay for the group find themselves much more motivated in the group. The fee is a tool to keep people engaged and committed.

Dana’s Mastering Success mastermind groups blend these factors.

  • The groups are organized into noncompeting teams of four by your job title i.e. business owners, CXOs, VPs, or senior managers. 
  • The group meets by video call. We do not meet in person. This keeps the cost down substantially.
  • It is both a guru and a peer group. Dana Mayer facilitates the group and leads a Mastery Session. Each participant also presents once on an area of special interest and expertise. Issues are also discussed as they arise. 
  • There is no lengthy application. While the group is by invitation only, it takes just a quick call with Dana to be sure your experience level and goals fit the group. If you’re interested, book a call here.

Programs are anywhere from 90 days to one year.

Dana’s groups meet once a month for one year.

Formats for Mastermind groups vary from presentations and lectures to open discussion. While training is a positive thing, it is not masterminding. It is more of a Masterclass.

True Mastermind groups allow equal time for each member to share and discuss their challenges and successes.

Dana facilitates her groups on a video call, with time for you to share your wisdom and build relationships. Each meeting is a blend of peer coaching and discussion. 

There are three ways we can say with confidence that you can get an ROI.

1. One Raise. One Promotion. One Client.  If you’re going to work for 10 or more years, you can earn much more than you are now if you level-up your mastery of executive presence, wealth consciousness, and influencing others. Mastermind groups give you a safe place to practice high-stakes presenting, and give you the senior level feedback, support, and advice that can create leaps forward in your career. It is a safe place to role-play difficult conversations or interviews and get constructive feedback.

Studies show women with mentors and those who also mentor others are 6x more likely to be promoted.

All it takes is one good idea or one new job based on what you’ve learned or who you connect with to more than cover the cost of enrollment.

2. Cool Unpredictable Things. Call it synchronicity, call it leveling–up, connecting with your Higher Power or God acting in your life, but once you have the courage to step up your game, amazing shifts start to happen. You get invited to speak. You get a request for an interview. You get asked to serve on a high-profile board. You attract higher performing team members so you can step back at work and focus on what matters to you, instead of the daily grind.

It’s the power of launching one thing that leads to you getting other, unexpected things. For example, when Dana finishes a program, she always asks clients to add up the value of what they received over the course of the time spent together. They tend to put the value of her mentoring, training, and coaching and the group at four to five times what they paid for it.

But the amount they say most often is what is impressive.

They say the program is “priceless.”

When it comes to evaluating the new confidence, connections, skills, and ideas, participants find the results beneficial in ways they could not have imagined and cannot put a price tag on.

Now you can go deeper into the systems Dana teaches in her private, in-person VIP program, and connect with like-minded professionals for support and feedback.

3. We have your back. No one should have to go it alone. By joining Dana’s Mastermind Mentoring, you not only get mentoring and coaching, you can get to know like-minded professionals to grow your network.  It is personal growth and business support that you can count on to be leading edge, and not the same old same old. We are your success champions.

Studies show you are 6x more likely to be promoted if you have a formal mentor and mentor others. In a mastermind group, you will have four mentors and you will mentor them. We call this co-mentoring..

Becoming a leader is not about learning to become more like Sir Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey. Becoming a leader is about becoming more yourself.

Developing confidence and having a safe place to test your ideas is something every successful leader has for support and development. It can be challenging to develop this support system, especially if you are a rising star, BIPOC, or building a business. A mastermind group a fast way to get a team of mentors in your corner.

Yes, if what you want is more freedom and less complexity.

This group is for professional women who have 60 to 90 minutes a month for strategic thinking and network awareness management.

Working smarter not harder takes planning time and strategic thinking to set priorities. That’s a good thing to do in a mastermind group.

We recommend that you prioritize taking advantage of the benefits of the program so that you’re always on track, feel supported, have accountability, and focus on a clear implementation plan that allows you to enjoy your career.

Women with five or more years of experience in their field who want time freedom and to accomplish something meaningful. 

A quick enrollment phone call with Dana can determine if the group is right for you. What she’s really looking for is self-awareness. Mastermind groups work best for people who have basic self-awareness from personality assessments, formal professional feedback like coaching, counseling, or performance reviews, and self-reflection. Self-reflection can come from journaling, reading, and experiential classes and workshops.

As you’ve probably heard her say, but bears repeating: coaching is not counseling. If you take any type of prescription medication for mental health challenges, we require you discuss the program with your health care provider to be sure it supports your treatment program. We work in concert with many psychiatrists and therapists to support stress management, anxiety, and transition adjustment, including situational depression. Check with your provider to see what’s best for you.

Dana launched her Mastermind groups after she discovered during her “Top 5 Ally” training that  most women did not have five people to support their careers. And many did not have time to make friends or to network.

The 2023 groups are a perfect hybrid of co-mentoring, co-coaching. You’ll join her AND three of her other top clients. She uses design thinking to guide the group discussion. It is NOT a “masterclass.” There are no presentations or training. The time is spent collaborating. 

This is not the usual line up of talks that are long on motivation (which fades) and short on interaction and relationships (which improves your life and career for decades).

This group will be for practicing your mastery of online presence, high-stakes presenting, executing strategy, and dealing with difficult people or situations. And, as one of four executives in a video call, you will develop your network of mentors and colleagues.

Very few mastermind groups provide the personal attention and privacy offered by Dana’s groups. You are protected by an NDA and always treated with respect.

Lastly, you can find no other mentor with 20 years of experience in nearly every C-suite of the Fortune 100, with women who want to get back to doing what they love, working for a boss they can respect, and for the money and appreciation they deserve. Most importantly, the results participants see is unheard of and unmatched.

Since 2021, Dana devotes her time and energy toward invitation-only VIP immersions and mastermind groups. This means she only works with a few private clients one-on-one and runs the Mastermind groups.

If you don’t want to be in a mastermind, but you’d like to be considered for a private, VIP immersion, email Dana for details at

Your investment will vary from $10,000 USD to $30,000 depending on the previous program you have completed with Dana. 

The cost is always lower than most executive level Mastermind groups because we do not market this program (it is only by invitation only, to existing clients). Nor do we hold in-person events with food or lodging expenses. Savings and scholarships are offered every North American summer when enrollment opens for the new groups starting in September and October.

Dana prides herself in offering programs that over-deliver on support, coaching, and training. Her 5-star reviews show clients are delighted with the bonuses and coaching they receive for their investment. Set up a call with Dana to discuss the investment or check your invitation for details.

Enrollment is by conversation to make sure the group meets your needs. If you’re ready to claim the next level in your career or business so you can experience real freedom and make a difference, schedule a call now.

We promise you will find the conversation easy and illuminating. You will get value from it in an ah-ha, insight, and next steps—regardless of your final decision. We are coaches and advisors, not sales people, who believe in creating an environment of mutual respect and appreciation.

Discussion and brainstorming is not the same as training. You will get the opportunity to practice and hone your skills, and you may learn from the other participants. If you feel you need specific skills training, consider taking a Masterclass or enrolling in Dana’s VIP Coaching Program.

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