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Land a Better Job, Promotion, or Client Faster with Personalized Coaching and Masterclasses

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Imagine what your life would life be like with the meaning, money, and respect you deserve…

  • Smoothly finding and transitioning to an amazing new role or your own gig 
  • Enjoying your work without having to burnout or sell your soul
  • Feeling certainty and confidence instead of being pulled in a thousand different directions, making you question your decisions and commitments
  • A screamin’ good deal on masterclasses and private coaching with me, Dana Mayer.

Dana and the HSN Group


1:1 Mentoring With a Master Coach

$9,000 Value

Personal Access

Get coaching directly with me.

The only other way to get coaching with me is to pay $750 a session.

BONUS: The Leadership Advisory is not only a place to support you in making your next move a brilliant one, it is also an opportunity for you to develop world-class connections with my top clients.

One connection, one good idea can be priceless.

Goal Setting Session

$2,050 Value

Your Success Framework 

In this strategy call, together, we will make a plan for your career leadership.

We’ll get you unstuck by answering questions like: what’s the best way to get clear about your next move? Should you stay with your current employer or move on? What’s working for other people on the move right now?

You’ll also get a written report with customized recommendations for up leveling your hiring materials, brand, and online presence.  



 $6,000 Value

Stay On Top Of Your Career, Not Be Run Over By It!

Through 12+ recorded and 6+ live interactive lectures and group discussions, you will learn to better manage your career, including job search, interview preparation,  branding, performance, and teams.

Past Masterclass topics available on replay include:

~ Panel discussion of Success Storiesreal-time, job search best practices from my top clients

~ Transforming Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism into a Super Power


Surround Yourself With Success

“I landed a lucrative consulting contract and a new job while coaching with Dana. I’ve been in her peer groups and  Masterclasses for over 3 years. Dana’s commitment to her client’s results, and to diversity, equity, and inclusion is what keeps me coming back.”

Wendy Sherrock, VP

Leadership can be complicated. It’s not enough to be an expert, it takes insight, which Dana has x 10. She has a way of simplifying what to do next to get you unstuck. She works lightening fast, a 10 – 15 minute conversation can create a breakthrough.

Jeremy H, PhD

Have you noticed? Leadership seems to be what anyone says it is these days!

Yet even though the world of work has changed, management styles haven’t changed in hundreds of years.

As we navigate an era defined by constant innovation, changing societal needs and disruptive technologies, we must continually cultivate new ways to view and interact with the world.

The Leadership Advisory is your place to do just that in a supportive, think-tank environment.


Data, time, even space or weather conditions can change how we see the day-to-day running of a business, the challenges of finding a new job, or the demands of raising kind children.

The Leadership Advisory is designed to help you be prepared to lead in the face of these challenges and to develop a career portfolio with meaningful work and time freedom. 

Your Career,Your Way

Gone are the days of following a straight career path and climbing the ladder. Today’s world of work gives you the freedom to build a career portfolio, whether it’s launching a side gig, consulting, or preparing yourself for board positions, you have the flexibility to integrate all your interests and abilities. You simply have to step out of the worn out ways of working and take control of your experience.

By joining the Advisory, you position yourself at the forefront of innovation, equipped with a renewed self-concept that breaks free from antiquated leadership models and builds a career portfolio reflecting your uniqueness.

This paves the way for your unbridled intuition and imaginative leadership to contribute at a higher level, gaining you the respect you deserve, and making the changes you long to see in the world–your world.

Your journey to feeling more certain than ever that you are future-ready starts here, with me and my amazing clients, in this hybrid program of masterclasses and coaching.

You will develop the key skills and characteristics that define a future-ready leader:

  • Powered By Purpose. This is about safe and effective self-expression of your career brand, goals, and valued skills and experience. Together, we will develop a clear vision of who you are at work and how others see you.
  • Deepening Connection. No one should have to go it alone. Studies show forging relationships with mentors and decision-makers, and expanding your skills for mentoring teammates, colleagues, and employees makes you 6x more likely to be promoted! Come discover what successful executives know is the secret to career success: the right people to coach and connect you.
  • The Courage To Seize Opportunities. Reactivate the energy, discipline, and agility you need to make your next move and to adapt in ways that grow both you and your organization.

What Makes This Program Different?

The short answer is: the exceptional people in it and the future-focused content.

From the master coaches who run the classes, to the dedicated Ambassadors who welcome you to the group, to the dynamic participants–you won’t find anything like this program anywhere. 

Most leadership programs focus on setting and achieving goals with cookie cutter formulas. This is necessary, but insufficient for leading in the future.

We must also excel at interpersonal communication for motivating teams. This means getting beyond imposter syndrome and perfection to leading as your true self.

Only 16% of leadership programs develop these skills. Even fewer offer custom, individualized learning and coaching.

The Leadership program is one of the few. Join us!

Surround Yourself With Success

“I landed a lucrative consulting contract and a new job while coaching with Dana. I’ve been in her peer groups and  Masterclasses for over 3 years. Dana’s commitment to her client’s results, and to diversity, equity, and inclusion is what keeps me coming back.”

Wendy Sherrock, VP

Coaching with Dana, I landed a contract role, numerous speaking engagements, and a new job. I’ve been in her masterclasses for 3 years and highly recommend them to any manager or director struggling with a toxic work environment, a difficult boss, or landing job offers or promotions.

Wendy S., VP Customer Experience

Masterclass Topics

Through interactive lectures, group discussions, and heart-centered, practical exercises you will learn to better manage your performance, energy, and teams. Training is a blend of evidence-based research, insightful exercises, live Q&A, peer coaching, and practical, immediately-actionable tools. CLICK ON THE TOPICS BELOW for a full description.

The Paradox-Savvy Leader

How 2025 Ready Are You?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn the top skills boards and decision makers want in future-ready, executive leaders and how to ensure you are one.

We’re not talking about results from social media or generic, worn out leadership classes, but straight out of the mouths of those in the C-suite or board room. Their requirements may surprise you as it is not the same-old, same-old predictable requirements.

You see, your next boss probably views superior leadership as a juggling act and they’re looking for leaders who have mastered handling things that are often at odds.

For example, directing short-term, immediate tasks can be at odds with scanning for what is coming and how to prepare your teams.

But your brain naturally undermines your ability to lead. It wants to focus solely on the immediate short term.

This is the paradox of leadership. 

Join us in discovering how to become paradox-savvy and overcome this tendency along with what else it takes to be future-ready and in demand.

Job Search Secrets From The Super Stars: Best Practices From Dana's Top Clients

How you land your next job will probably not work the same way as it did in your last job search. Branding, social media, and AI have changed how we get promoted and land new roles. Learn what your peers did to land their dream job as they share their resources and ideas in this dynamic, panel discussion. 

Mastering Stress and Burnout

Let’s go beyond the cliches about time management and resiliency! Discover what your peers and C-suite execs do to manage overload, heal from long-term burnout, and get back in balance. 

Transforming Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism Into An Advantage

Unlearn Imposter Syndrome and shake that tiny voice that tells you to hold back or stay put and play small. Elevate your confidence and expertise with a framework based on decades of research. 

Elevating Your Leadership Narrative: How to Tell Your Career Story with Compusure & Clarity

You have heart and courage. But you’re unsure how to change your career story and develop new behaviors that lead to the results you need to produce.

Join me in sculpting a leadership story that defies limitations including struggling to explain an employment gap or your previous role; sharing your uniqueness without trying too hard, or just setting yourself apart from the competition.

With an on-the-spot breakthrough exercise, you will learn to use the power of three leadership narratives to propel yourself toward unprecedented accomplishments.

Relaxing Into Your Greatness: Your Self Image vs Your Career Brand

The most powerful part of telling your career story is your comfort level. In this dynamic session, we will explore a pivotal skill that sets heart-centered leaders like us apart: the ability to free ourselves from ingrained self-perceptions and societal expectations.

We will coach based on what we see to increase your comfort level with feeling seen for your authentic greatness and use it to grow and nurture your career brand.  

Word of the Year

Learn Dana’s powerful but simple and fun system for prioritizing, achieving your goals, and keeping focused on the right things.


Mentorship is Leadership

Discover how mentoring has shaped you as a leader and how to leverage it to advance in your career and business.

You are 6 x more likely to be promoted if you both mentor others and have a mentor.

And business owners with a mentor enjoy 7% more profit. 

Showcasing Your Achievements for Meaningful Career Development

Raising your profile, landing a new role, and being a thought leader means getting comfortable sharing your successes. Doing that without seeming like you’re bragging or self-centered can be awkward, especially if you’re an introvert.

It takes courage and refined communication skills to stand out with grace and not diminish other people.

In this session you’ll learn a formula for sharing your wins without being a jerk. 

You’ll get more comfortable writing bullets for your resume, posting on social, answering interview questions, and talking about yourself for meaningful relationship building.

How It Works

We meet on Zoom for one hour on the first Thursday of the month, promptly at 3 PM Eastern. I and other experts will present for 20 to 45 minutes and then open it up for questions and live coaching. You may ask about any topic, challenge, or concern.

There will be 4 to 40 people on each call, all of whom are high-level, senior professionals. Most have been my clients for two or more years, as this is an invitation only program. 

Can’t make one of the calls? Enjoy the replay.

Want coaching but still can’t make the call?

No problem, email me your questions in advance of the call and listen to my coaching in the replay.

Don’t Miss Out!

Enrollment is by conversation.

Register for your free, no obligation, information session here.

Dana helped me get interviews from 90% of the CVs I submitted. And when the offers came in, her coaching was essential in guiding me through the process and negotiating with confidence. And she’s right, if you ask, you do get more than you expect!

Barbara B.

Adult Continuous Learning Director

Johnson & Johnson

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