Is Your Profile Photo Working for You? Get Unbiased Feedback

Research shows that the kind of smile you use in your profile photo matters. I just ran my LinkedIn photo through algorithms to evaluate how credible I seem as a business person. The results (above) show my photo as  “higher than average” as Competent and Influential and just “average” on Likable which is just what I was going for. 

Why not higher on Likable?

Women with likable business photos get more hook up requests and may not be taken seriously. Best to save your “likable” photos for the Dating apps. And yes, you can have your photos evaluated for that, too!

A smile with teeth visible gains an average of +0.22 for Influence. A closed mouth smile has about half the effect on Likability and no statistically significant effect on Competence. 

Want to see how your LinkedIn profile photo rates? It’s included in my monthly coaching package. It’s a $40 service that is one of the many evaluations we include for free with coaching. Just ask.

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