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Email Signature Template
Building Your Executive Brand with Every Touch

You have setup your professional email address for your job search or business. Now what about a customized email signature?
Here’s a quick template followed by an explanation. Items in bold are required, others optional.


Name Tagline Title(s),Organization Association Memberships Phone number (mobile/land/fax) Video Call Address (Skype/Zoom) Website/Social media profiles Branded Image

The Details of Your Email Signature Sign Off/Salutation.

Writing “Yours truly” or “All the best,” wastes the opportunity to help the reader get to know you and to make you memorable. Try using an expression that’s relevant to your personal brand or wish the person something positive without being too cheesy.

Don’t Just Say “Goodbye”


You may recall having seen my sign off: “I’m rooting for you,”


“To your job search success,”

Other CXO email signature examples include:

“Here’s to solving your blockchain to defi problems,”



“Here’s to an amazing Q4,”

“Talk soon,”

Name. Your full name, including any nicknames you use online or which people may use to search for you, especially if you go by a middle name or use your married name socially.

Examples:          Deborah (Debbie)

Christenberg Thomas Daniel (Danny) Hightower

Somalia Davis (Gyers)

Tagline. Your personal branding tagline. Example: Helping you develop a career or business you love.

Title(s). If employed, use your current job title. If you’re currently unemployed, list your profession.

Organization. The organization you most associate yourself with, typically your employer, a professional association you’re prominent in, or your own company.

Association Membership. Be sure to include professional or industry-related associations that you are a member of that the reader is likely to recognize.

Phone numbers (mobile/land/fax). Just put the one number where you want to be reached. Including more than one number can be confusing and is an out-of-date practice.

Video Call Address. Most interviews happen online at some point. Be sure to include a Skype or Zoom address.

Website/Social media profiles.Choose URLs that reflect your personal brand and are most likely to impress viewers.

All executives should list a custom, LinkedIn URL first. Then highlight your blog, your organization or association membership profile, social media resume, other social media profiles, or articles that mention you.

Important. Use social media icons or include ‘http://’ in each URL in your email signature. That way the recipient’s email software will automatically

make the URL clickable.

Image. It is risky to include a photo in your email signature because it will increase the download size of every email you send and many of the replies you receive. That can cause the messages to get flagged by email software as a potential security issue, increasing the chance that the recipient won’t see your message.

It is worth the risk it if you have a memorable image to show your brand or a compelling call to action (CTA). If possible, click Reply to a message you’ve already received from the person you’re messaging as opposed to starting a new message. That makes it less likely to be flagged as spam. You can create your signature in Gmail or for more features try Canva or WiseStamp.

Images Worth Including In Your Email Signature: The Do’s and Don’ts Do Include a Professional Headshot or Compelling Message About Your Brand. Country Code is Good, but Don’t Use More Than One Number

Do Include a CTA. But Don’t Include a Home Address for Privacy Reasons.

A Handwritten Signature Adds a Warm, Personal Touch

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