Is Your Career Stuck?

Stuck? Here’s Why Your Career Has Plateaued

Questions are important. I ask my clients lots of beneficial, yet challenging questions every day so that they fully realize their stretch goals.

Some of the most compelling questions you can ask yourself right now, involve a bit of tough self-reflection. Good questions to help you see what’s at the heart of the plateau you’ve hit in your career or business and what’s holding you back.

Here are 12 of those questions.

First, answer YES if this sounds like your BOSS or your TEAM:

1) Do they give insignificant, one-word responses when you ask questions or make requests?

2) Are they keen to point out mistakes but seldom help, fix, or prevent them?

3) Are they lacking in performance or accuracy, but also lack the drive to do better?

4) Do they show incivility towards others, especially you?

5) Do they struggle to make their own decisions or reverse them, causing a detriment to everyone’s time and productivity?

Now, answer YES if this sounds like YOU:

6) Do you see how you can be a great mentor for your team or your clients, but you’re fearful you might let them down?

7) Are you fatigued and over-committed with senseless requests? Do you go over possible conversations and scenarios in your head at night so much so that you have trouble sleeping?

8) Do your suggestions get turned down or ignored? Do you wish you could influence morale and planning?

9) Are you concerned that if you stay put, you’ll miss opportunities for betterment, advancement, and more money?

10) Do you feel your job security is at risk if you don’t perform better or land a job or more business?

11) Behind closed doors, are you daunted by thoughts that your projects may fall off-track because the tactical or political trivialities are occupying your time and you have no time or energy left for the strategic?

12) Do you wish you had someone to talk with about strategy and dealing with difficult people, but don’t have the right person to trust?

If you answered YES to some (or even all) of these, then I have good news.

None of these things are the actual problem. The real problem is that you haven’t made a critical decision.

It’s the decision to COMMIT to develop your leadership skills.

It really is THAT simple.

Once you make the decision to COMMIT and to taking action towards a better career, you and your teams will accomplish success after success.

You’ll receive well-deserved praise and you’ll be exceptionally influential to your team.

You’ll get promotions or bonuses for your high abilities, land that yearned-for project, and congratulate your team with high praise and celebration.

This will catapult you towards reaching your highest career goals which in turn will allow you to achieve more meaningful personal goals.

You’re going to do all of this while connecting back to the way you used to feel when you were charged up about going to work each day and advancing–that joy of creating, innovating, and making a difference.

Before any of this is possible for you, you have to DECIDE and COMMIT to advance your leadership.

If you’re ready to do that, and talk with me about the gentlest, fastest way you can develop your leadership influence..

I will help you map out a plan of action for your leadership and identify key insights that will get you unstuck.

It’s time to level-up.

Let’s connect and talk about how to get you unstuck. Schedule here. 

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